Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman, Allcargo Logistics, ECU Worldwide, and Gati 

“At a time when the Indian economy has been scaling a fast recovery trajectory, FM Sitharaman has effectively navigated the challenge of balancing fiscal concerns and addressing economic growth. This is further strengthened by the 13 points that outline the vision for a Self-reliant’ or ‘Aatmanirbhar’ nation. In light of the 6 pillars of this vision namely – health and wellbeing, capital and infrastructure, inclusive development, reinvigorating human capital, innovation, and R&D, and minimum government and maximum governance – the initiatives to drive ahead FDI and FII inflows, infrastructure spend, and facilitate legal and tax settlements are also noteworthy. Proposals to boost operational contingencies of road infrastructure and build more economic corridors have the potential to increase efficiencies across the logistics ecosystem and simulate regional economies to encourage local entrepreneurial initiatives. The government’s intent to increase the share of green energy in the national energy grid and transition to a zero-carbon fuel regime is in line with its steadfast commitment to sustainability. The proposed one-year extension of tax holiday for affordable housing projects is likely to ensure inclusive housing for the underprivileged and foster community empowerment and resilience.”, Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman, Allcargo Logistics.


Mr. Rajinish Menon, Founder, and CEO, Sukino Healthcare, India’s First Continuum Care Provider

“This year the focus of the world was squarely centered on the healthcare industry. Continuing the trend, the budget highlighted the government’s holistic approach to healthcare with the allocation of 2.23 lakh crore, a 137% increase from last year under the Atmanirbhar Swast Bharat Yojana. By converging multiple fragmented health schemes into the world’s largest medical umbrella, the Government of India has indeed taken a giant step towards healthcare innovation. In addition to the National Health Mission, pragmatic measures such as the investment of  Rs 64,180 crore over the next 6 years will significantly improve primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare.  The number of free COVID -19 cases treated is remarkable given the challenging economic times faced by the country. An announcement of 35000 crore vaccines will ensure continued uninterrupted healthcare services for more people.  Establishment of healthcare infrastructure in form of critical care units and hospital blocks will also help spur the growth of the domestic market growth and place India as a key player in the global markets.” Mr. Rajinish Menon, Founder, and CEO, Sukino Healthcare.


Mr. Dheeraj Rathi,  Managing Director of Ecovis RKCA Advisors

“Leveraging unproductive assets and utilizing it for focused investments to build future-ready India is the highlight theme of this Budget for me. Additional liquidity from the bad loan, Financial institute privatization, releasing dead assets of PSU, railways, land warehousing assets, etc can be north of 5 lac Crore, which will fuel 3 pillars of future 1) Health and Wellbeing giving thrust to Rural and Urban Centre 2) Physical and Financial Infra 3) Urban Mobility. Leveraging Frontier technology, policy enablement, and entrepreneurial innovation in the ecosystem will give it an extra thrust. For me it is ticking all checks boxes at Macro level, key will be the execution of all the promises made.” Mr. Dheeraj Rathi,  Managing Director of Ecovis RKCA Advisors