From the Editor’s Desk


In Our 40 years of experience of helping Businesses, one value that is consistent among Value Creators or Entrepreneurs is their ability to separate Noise from a Voice, from Chaos of Challenges they bring upon the Clarity of what they want to achieve and why? Hence, this is our attempt to reach out to the entrepreneurs through “VOICE”


We believe that there is an entrepreneur in every single one of us. No matter what challenge one is facing, constant co-creation of objectives, aligning the energies to understand the implications and decision making is a part of every successful entrepreneurial journey.


Through Voice, we help with the challenges you face in the real world. Our Expert sections provides insights by experts, Stories brings the inspirations and learnings of entrepreneurs and real-life case studies of how organizations overcome their challenges is explained in mentor.


So, whether you are leading a team for an organization, running an enterprise, have decided to take the plunge or still contemplating but, driven by entrepreneurial zest, we would like to connect with the Go-getter in you.  Voice is an attempt to connect with the relentless bug in you that keeps you awake at night. This bug is exactly what’s pushing you towards the journey of realizing your dreams and we wish to be a part of that journey.


In the current disrupting world, we aim to connect and communicate with the Go-Getter in you who has ECOnomic VISion and desire to Co-Create Core value for business with all the stakeholders. Our content is curated with the sole objective to provide the business-related insights in a practical and implementable way and straight from real-life success stories witnessed and created by experts.