Some of the key words associated with the Covid 19 pandemic have been job cuts, salary cuts, economic slow down. The goods news is that this is fast becoming a thing of the past now. Indian entrepreneurs have been quick to accept the dynamic nature of business and have adapted themselves beautifully well to the demands of the ‘new normal.’ SMEs and MSMEs have emerged as the true leaders and empowering them has never been this important.
Being mid scale industries we have had the advantage of working closely with skilled labour at the grass root level. With the emergence of the new normal, we have been, in no time able to train the workforce in the field of new skills as required today. The focus today has shifted to making each individual unit self sufficient and extracting the best and diverse abilities that each one of us possess. That is precisely what we have achieved at Klover – where our twin pronged approach has been to make each of our associates self sufficient and by giving them the right product & training and at the same time, contributing to making the world a safer place, given the sheer nature of our products.
Engaging talent and honing the right skills has assumed paramount importance today. And what is encouraging is that this trend is here to stay because I strongly feel that this is the right way to exist and build a happy planet. We at Klover firmly believe that each of our associates is self sufficient and able to take decisions for their own self. Armed with the right product & adequate sanitation training, our associates are able to pursue an all rounded life. Even with our line of herbal soaps and sanitisers, we have ensured that the right wages reach the right people at the grass root level, while making use of 100% Produced in India natural products. And we are happy to see that most of our peers are following a similar mode of operations and steering India towards a ‘new’ and I would say, a ‘better & balanced’ normal.
Devir Singh