It has been almost ten months since Coronavirus was first discovered but unfortunately no medication, no therapy and no possibility of any vaccine is in sight till now. With the increasing number of corona cases, it is very important to take preventive and precautionary measures to reduce the risk for the same. The only answer to the current problem is strong immune system. The immune system in the human body us the first line of defense, and it plays a vital role in keeping the disease causing viruses away from us, thereby reducing the risk of getting ill.

You will be surprised to hear, but to build your immunity, no rocket science is required immunity is a part of the human body that needs to be boosted with balanced and nutritious diet and amalgamated with 30-40 minutes of physical activity daily. Also, it is important to understand the value of adequate sleep, which is 6-8 hours. Apart from that one needs to keep the body and mind calm by keeping it stress-free. Once, all this is in place you will see a change in the body and your immune system will naturally boost. The human body is like a machine and above-mentioned points are the lubricants that make it function smoothly.

We need to understand that immunity is a part of body which is omnipresent in every cell of the human body. And once we start taking care of these cells, they together will take care of our body in the long run. To keep these cells strong, it is suggested to keep them away from all sorts of foreign substances that can be dangerous. To keep these cells safe, the body makes antibodies and work as protection shield. And in this process, the body repairs itself against the internal deficiencies with the help of proper diet and food ingredients, which we consume on a daily basis. But, it often happens that the adulterated food fails to supply the adequate nutrients and that is when the body needs a natural solution for sustained immunity.

We at Zyropathy have been successfully solving the issue of sustained immunity. Zyropathy is an indigenously developed health system. It is an amalgamation of knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs combined with modern science and technology to deal with lifestyle ailments troubling humanity without any side effects. The USP of the products is that 100 percent natural ingredients are used for making Zyro Naturals as well as food supplements. Moreover, no drugs, steroids, immune- suppressants and harmful ingredients are used in any form. As Zyropathy covers all four aspects of human health i.e. -Promotive, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative, thus everyone is our target audience. Zyropathy eliminates the root cause of ailments by using a combination of Zyro naturals and food supplements whereas most of the medicine systems focus primarily on controlling symptoms.

Kamayani Naresh

Founder & CEO, Zyropathy