The rapidly changing ecosystem of 2021 propelled by last year’s unprecedented crisis has given rise to a never seen before innovation and development across various sectors. A fresh chance for booming industries everywhere, some distinguished trends that have been embraced the world over include a heavy emphasis on personalization and the rise of sophisticated customer-centric technology.

The chemical sector has always been a dynamic one, changing by the minute, but 2021 promises to bear witness to a complete re-designing, recreating, and remolding of age-old practices to fit the needs of the future. As the world embraces this new era, there is a greater deliverance of diversified offerings and out-of-the-box business.

Even when the Indian economy faced headwinds between 2016 and 2019, the chemical industry maintained a CAGR of 17 percent, a very positive indicator that speaks volumes about the unique best-in-class technology of the segment, as it leads the way forward and provides a steady helping hand to several dependent sectors in the post-pandemic world.

A complete transformation for industries globally, the Post-COVID-19 era has stirred a rapid growth of evolving sub-segments and disciplines in every field. This presents countless job opportunities for the economy in the coming year, like India and the world usher in a new era of agility and shift towards creating an enduring legacy.

The pandemic has taught businesses everywhere that even in the hardest-hit and most competitive markets, one can charter their own path with resilience, innovation, and discipline. 2021’s changing landscape yields a blazing opportunity for thriving businesses everywhere to create an atmosphere of collaboration and convergence. With a rising tide of fierce firms everywhere taking this opportunity to restructure themselves in the grandest way possible, the coming year surely promises not just revival, but expansion and elevation.


Mr. Parag Jhaveri

Chairman and Managing Director, Yasho Industries Limited