One thing 2020 has taught us all is that our health matters, giving many of us a chance to take a back-seat and re-examine our lives. With the beauty industry undergoing an overhaul in 2020, the coming year will be one of catch-up and getting back to pre-pandemic normalcy. We shall see increasing consumer preference and conversations around natural, cruelty-free beauty products and services. It is indeed an opportunity to create something enduring and impactful through the various offerings.

The pandemic and subsequent work from home setting have resulted in a phenomenal rise in the interest for personal grooming which in return has given a spur to the demand for grooming, beauty, and wellness products. The sector is showing signs of revival, with consumers looking for brands that are genuine and products that are safe to use.

As we enter 2021, we believe that the customer of today appreciates products that deviate from your regular run of the mill offerings and see this as an opportunity for brands to innovate and further expand their already diverse product range.

We expect to see a surge in sales as the country swiftly recovers from the pandemic, and have observed that due to the lockdown, missing out on shopping experiences has led customers to actively make purchases and re-stock their shelves. Brands must grab this opportunity to integrate offline and online channels closely to provide a wholesome and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints.

One lesson from 2020 would be for brands to have an agile approach and be well prepared to face any kind of contingency situation. Brands who are ready to learn, adapt and evolve with changing times displaying grit, determination, and resilience will be the ones who will forge a glorious path for themselves in 2021.

Suraj Vazirani

Founder & CEO, The Beauty Co.